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National Cream-Filled Donut Day

National Cream-Filled Donut Day

There’s a day dedicated to celebrating (and eating) cream-filled donuts this month: September 14th is National Cream-Filled Donut Day! Here on the Dolley Madison Towers Blog we want to help you celebrate this day by sharing with you some donut recipes, as well as some nearby places to pick up a delicious donut. We hope you get to enjoy this day in your apartment here in Arlington, VA. As a side note, most of these recipes will require a piping bag to fill the donuts with cream or jelly. You can purchase them at most grocery stores. Good luck and have fun!


Chocolate Glazed Cream Filled Doughnuts

This chocolate glazed donut is just the thing to fill your cream-filled donut craving. The recipe comes from Gringealicious. To make this delicious dessert, you’ll need milk, dry yeast, sugar, eggs, salt, butter, flour, oil for frying, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, and salt.


Strawberry Jelly and Vanilla Cream Brioche Doughnuts with Lilac Sugar

These donuts are not only so sweet, they’re fancy and pretty to look at. This recipe comes from Half Baked Harvest. You’ll need sugar, lilac petals, vanilla bean, milk, dry yeast, butter, an egg, flour, and salt to make the lilac sugar and dough. For the jelly and cream you’ll need strawberries, sugar, lemon juice, vanilla bean, heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, and flaky sea salt.


Coconut Cream Donuts

If you love coconut, then this recipe is for you. This comes from Tastemade. To make this tasty treat you’ll need the following ingredients: active dry yeast, water, sugar, evaporated milk, salt, butter, eggs, vanilla extract, flour, vegetable shortening, custard powder, coconut milk, thickened cream, vanilla bean paste, and powdered sugar.


Nutella Choux Donuts

Who doesn’t love some Nutella added to an already delicious baked donut? This recipe also comes from Tastemade. To make the pastry you’ll need water, margarine, sugar, salt, flour, eggs, Nutella, and hazelnuts. For the pastry cream you’ll need milk, egg yolks, sugar, flour, cornstarch, butter, vanilla bean paste, sea salt, and Nutella.


If you want a quicker way to enjoy this delicious snack, try out some of our local donut shops here in Arlington, VA, such as Sugar Shack DMV or Dunkin’ Donuts. We hope you enjoy your month and get a chance to eat a cream-filled donut!