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Preparing to Swim this Summer

Dolley Madison Towers Blog, Arlington, VA Apartments  Bust out the swimsuits, sunscreen, and pool noodles for a day out at the pool!

With the weather turning warmer, it’s almost time to hit the water! In this week’s Dolley Madison Towers Blog, we’ll share with you some tips on how to make sure your trip to the local Arlington, VA pool or our apartment community outdoor swimming pool goes smoothly.


Safety First

The first thing to consider is safety. Instruct your children, or any groups you may be supervising, on the proper safety procedures for pools. Teach them to not run around the pool to avoid slipping, stay away from drains and suction filters, and to not be overly physical when playing in the water. If there are no lifeguards, be observant of those in the pool to make sure no one is drowning.  


Wear Appropriate Swimwear

Summer days at the pool consist of splashing, fun, and laughter.  If you’re not wanting to get your nice clothing wet, be sure to wear the appropriate attire for the pool. Keep all electronics and precious items off to the side or away from the pool in general to avoid having them on your person if you get pushed into the water. Be sure to apply sunscreen to avoid getting sunburnt, and be generous to those who neglected to bring some.


Be Prepared

Accidents are bound to happen. Unfortunately, accidents aren’t in our control and can happen at any time. Be prepared for cuts and scrapes by bringing a first aid kid, or having one handy. If an accident does happen, stay calm, cool, and collected to be as useful as you can in a stressful situation. Overreacting is counter-productive and can often lead to more accidents if you’re not careful.


Have Fun

The point of going to the pool is to have fun. Play games like Marco Polo, swim, or sunbathe on the side of the pool.Be mindful of others and their enjoyment and enjoy the sunshine, the warm weather. Let loose and have fun!  


Do you have any tips on how to prepare for a great day at the pool? Let us know by leaving a comment below! Thanks for reading.