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Summer Movies

Rustic Outdoor movie setup

Summer is here! It’s time to enjoy your summer a little more by watching some movies set in the summer! These movies inspire a lighthearted and fun-loving attitude, so we’ve decided to share with you some of our choice summer movies in this week’s Dolley Madison Towers Blog. We hope these movies will inspire you to be more adventurous and take advantage of the warm weather here in Arlington, VA!

Mamma Mia

“Donna (Meryl Streep), an independent hotelier in the Greek islands, is preparing for her daughter's wedding with the help of two old friends. Meanwhile Sophie, Donna's spirited daughter, has a plan of her own. She secretly invites to the wedding three men from her mother's past in hopes of meeting her real father and having him escort her down the aisle on her big day.”


“Gerry (Aaron Schwartz) is not looking forward to his summer vacation, since he'll be spending it at a camp for overweight boys in order to shed pounds. Fortunately, a kindly couple, the Bushkins (Jerry Stiller) ] (Anne Meara) ], run the camp and make the process fun and relaxed. However, they're soon forced to declare bankruptcy and sell the camp to Tony Perkis (Ben Stiller), a fitness fanatic who turns the camp into a living nightmare of over-the-top training. But the kids plan to fight back.”

National Lampoon’s Vacation

“Accompanied by their children (Dana Barron, Anthony Michael Hall), Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) and his wife, Ellen (Beverly D'Angelo), are driving from Illinois to a California amusement park. As Clark increasingly fixates on a beautiful woman driving a sports car, the Griswolds deal with car problems and the death of a family member. They reach Los Angeles, but, when Clark worries that the trip is being derailed again, he acts impulsively to get his family to the park.”


Don’t let the summer pass without enjoying some of these fun summer movies in your beautiful and spacious apartment here at Dolley Madison Towers! Thanks for reading.